Office plumbing in Hailsham

Office Building Plumbing Contract

JRS Plumbers in Hailsham was contracted to complete all design work and installation on plumbing systems for an office area in Hailsham, East Sussex. The owners of the facility contracted them to install an entirely new plumbing system.

This would require that they take out the old plumbing system completely and install a new, updated system that would last longer and provide more efficient water transport.

The duration of the project was to be two months and it included taking out the old system and installing the new system. JRS was to oversee every aspect of this project, using their own products and workers.

The office owner also requested that the contractors install a rainwater system that would take rainwater and use it to increase the water supply of the plumbing system. This water would have to be filtered and piped into the plumbing system, conserving water and increasing efficiency for the entire waterworks. It would also reduce environmental impact and make use of available resources in the area, saving the landowner money. The contractors were given specific instructions not to compromise on the quality of the water that would be pumped into the facility. The rainwater needed to be fully filtered and cleaned before it could be integrated into the current water supply.

JRS Plumbing Services used a localized reverse osmosis filtrating system which uses and electric charge to separate contaminants from the water. The contaminants were automatically sent to a waste disposal system to ensure that little to no maintenance would be required for the plumbing and water filtration system.

This is similar to the filtration system used by water filtration plants that provide clean water for municipal areas. But it works on a smaller scale and requires less direct involvement. It is not commonly used for plumbing contracts, but it was deemed to be the best solution for the fulfilment of this contract by the plumbing company.

At every step of the process, the contractors checked in with the landowner to make sure that everything was proceeding according to his specifications and that he was satisfied with the work being done. Because of the demolition that was required to take out the old plumbing the office building was not allowed to be used for daily work while much of the project was ongoing, but the contractors ensured that the employees were able to get back to work as quickly as possible.

This contract was completed on budget and according to the specifications set forth by the landowner. All those overseeing the project were impressed with how seamlessly designed the new plumbing system was and how well it integrated rainwater into the plumbing system. JRS Plumbing Services in Hailsham completed the project on time and to the satisfaction of the landowner.

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