Apartment Building Case Study

The Park Metro Apartments in Wimbledon were designed with a singular purpose. They were meant to appeal to a young crowd in an urban downtown area. The owners of the apartment complex wanted to create apartment buildings that looked like townhouses. This meant they would have to find contractors who could be inventive with the scale of the 80 residential units. The complex was to include a retail ground floor and five residential levels. Two parking levels were to be sandwiched between these.

When searching for builders in the Wimbledon area, Wimbledon Design and Build were hired on for the project, they worked to find materials that would provide a sense of scale that would be suitable for a residential area. They worked with the complex’s manager, Andrew Kovak, to sort out any complications regarding the scale and the building materials. They were also given a budget and height restrictions to work with.

Wimbledon Design and Build was looking for the kind of scale that brick would provide but with a material that would be able to support such a massive structure. That is why they turned to a fibre cement material that was affordable, simple to handle and able to trap in heat. All of that was packaged in a material that was reasonably lightweight.

Many of those working on the project had not worked with this material before, so they had to perform research and collaborate with other contractors and experts on the material. In one instance, they had to create very crisp corners, which they were having trouble doing until they installed some anodized aluminium trim on all the edges of the building and on the windows and doors. This gave all the corners a clean look that worked well with the retail level, complimenting its design. When it came to the plumbing and heating. Alex Maggs plumbing in Cowbridge came to the rescue and installed a new combination boiler system with radiators. The plumbing was already in good condition, so the expense was kept to a minimum. plumber in Cowbridge, Alex Maggs Plumbing and heating for further details on the plumbing works.

These panels were installed from the inside at a variety of angles, allowing them to be placed over sheathing that was fire retardant. These panels were able to be installed much faster than traditional brick would have been, cutting down the project’s estimated completion time. The contractors were even able to bring in greater manpower to this project then they had originally projected, which lowered the timeframe and still maintained the quality.

The panels provided a moisture management system that drastically cut down on the growth of mould and decreased the potential for water damage to the building’s interior. This extra feature was ideal for the wet climate of the area.

When the Park Metro Apartments were competed, both the manager and Wimbledon Design and Build were satisfied with the results. Because the joints are hard to see unless the viewer is very close, the overall aesthetic is very close to that of a townhouse, which is just what the designers were going for.

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