Flat Roofing in Penarth

Penarth Car Park Case Study

The Penarth Hospital was seeking to expand, and for that expansion they required additional parking space for staff members- doctors, nurses, specialists, etc. This would require an extension of the parking garage adjacent to the main building, and the hospital wanted to ensure that the roof of the structure would be secure and waterproofed. A request was sent out for a new design that would be lightweight to accommodate the main car park structure already in place.

The construction contract was won by experienced local roofing in Penarth by Roofing Matters. Their task within the contract was to ensure that the upper deck of the car park was waterproofed. They were awarded £180,000 for the job. Roofing Matters won out over competing contractors because of their extensive portfolio of successful waterproofing work on a large scale and because of their tenure within the industry. The company does not compromise on quality for any job, and their reputation as a reliable and efficient roofing company cemented their place for the contract.

flat roofing penarth

The contractors examined the car park area to determine the kind of roofing construction they would have to perform. They understand that not every job is the same and that different buildings and tasks call for different kinds of roofing. They also understood that the clients wanted a premium parking garage, and they made every effort to make the very best waterproofed flat roofing system that they could.

The already existing Penarth car park was made of generally lightweight materials. This ruled out asphalt, which would normally have been used as a waterproof finish in the roof.  In the past, coatings were generally used for aesthetic purposes only, but it is now recognized that they hold structural benefits, and Roofing Matters wanted to combine both aspects of the coating they were to use to create an outer layer that was both visually appealing and structurally sound.

The substrate was prepared by creating a laitance-free concrete. This was performed using vacuum blasting. Then just over 1000m of waterproofing materials were placed to ensure the concrete structure would hold together firmly. The waterproofing system was divided by colours to denote separate areas for employees and pedestrians. These areas were demarcated with definite lines to better illustrate the divisions.

Once the work was completed, the contractors walked the clients through the parking garage and pointed out the features of their waterproofed flat roofing system. The client was pleased with the work and felt that it met their high standards.

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