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Flat Roof Waterproofing Project

A residential area in London Colney had experienced major water damage. The problem was determined to be caused by old roofing with inadequate waterproofing. Recommended Surrey roofing contractors Flat Roof Services UK were contracted to both repair the extensive water damage and to provide waterproofing to the entire residential area.

This entailed examining, refurbishing and waterproofing 27 roofs, including residential houses and an office building. The work was contracted to be completed within three months, with the contractors working on two roofs at any given time.

Each step of the waterproofing and refurbishment was overseen by head contractor Harry Rimmer. He stated, “The flat roofing project went smoothly, and we enacted the changes that the client asked for. We found extensive water damage to several of the buildings, which required replacing a lot of the existing roofing. The client didn’t want the entire roof replaced if it could be helped on any buildings. They were more concerned with just fixing up the damage and keeping out the water for next time.”

The flat roofing project was able to be carried out while the residents were still living in the buildings. These Surrey Roofers also worked to create as little disturbance as possible to their daily lives and only worked during the daytime to keep the noise irritation to a minimum. Any excess water would have course need to be cleaned up. This is where local window cleaners in Barry – CCS Cleaning Services came into action. They are highly experienced and established in Wales. All the windows look sparkling clean.

The client was satisfied with the outcome of the project. Harry Rimmer had this to say on the project’s completion: “These roofs are going to be able to repel water a lot better now. We have made them more secure and stable, and we don’t expect any major repairs will be needed for years.”

The waterproofing solution used for the roofs came with a single point guarantee good for 20 years. The roofs were also upgraded to achieve a higher thermal performance, making them more environmentally friendly and helping to regulate the inside temperatures for the buildings.

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