Aluminium Guttering & Flat Roofing project in London

Aluminium Refurbishment Project

Our team are working alongside Surrey and London based guttering contractor aluminium seamless gutter specialist Bespoke Guttering Services on a project that involves the refurbishment of an apartment complex in London. The main focus of this refurbishment project is the replacement of all the complex’s current gutters with extruded aluminium guttering.

The apartment complex has been in need of repairs for some time, as the current gutters are falling into disarray and contain numerous holes including a number of the roofing elements. They are also noticeably rusting. The refurbishment is meant to provide better runoff support and prevent water damage and corrosion to the buildings.

The aluminium being used is high grade, continuous aluminium guttering. A spokesman from Bespoke Guttering stated: “This type of guttering material is the best kind to use for projects that are concerned about environmental impact. The aluminium will be able to be recycled once it has outlived its usefulness.”

The spokesman, William Cherrington continued to say, “Aluminium is actually a better guttering material than steel. While steel may be stronger, it will rust quickly, putting its durability into serious question. Aluminium is quite strong anyway, so durability isn’t a concern at all with this type of guttering. And with aluminium, the installation process is simple and easy, cutting down the costs for our clients and ensuring we can get the job done in a timely manner.” For further information on the specifications of the visit the aluminium guttering company

The apartment complex sits near the coast, which means it is constantly bombarded by salty spray from the sea. That salt can lead to corrosion in many materials, which makes aluminium an ideal choice for battling against adverse weather conditions.

Bespoke guttering Contractors is working on refurbishing all 28 of the apartments in the complex. They also utilized the help of flat roofing services UK the flat roofing company in London and the full project is expected to take an additional two and a half weeks to complete. When it is finished, the contracting company expects that new gutter refurbishment will not be required for another 10-12 years, unless incredibly severe weather conditions hit the area.

aluminium gutters project

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